Good Back Workouts

Good back workouts for everyone!

Ladies and gents, we know the importance of building your back. It's one those areas in which you can really showcase what muscle tone and definition are made for! So, let’s switch up pull day with these essential exercises that will help strengthen and provide great physical benefits too.

The muscles that make up your back are a serious group in the human body. Since the Latissimus Dorsi [1] is the second largest muscle group behind the gluteus maximus. This must be focused on to help support a stronger posterior.

In this article we will specifically discuss 4 good back workouts that are good for a beginners to expert fitness levels.

4 Good Back Workouts:


good back workouts without weights

1. Pullups

The pull-up is an upper body strength exercise that involves hanging from the bar using just your hands and pulling yourself up so you can touch both elbow joints with chest level. As this happens, elbows flex while shoulders adduct or extend according to which direction, they are being pulled in order to keep them at about 90 degrees angle when reaching towards below shins for stability reasons

This means beginners will have their arms closer together than experienced exercisers do because it takes more muscle groups working together effectively.

Why are pull ups so important?

With all the diverse ways to train your chest, shoulders, and arms it is easy for a workout routine to become stale. That is where pull ups come in! They work not only on arm strength but Core stability as well which makes them an invaluable part of any fitness plan or training protocol [2].


good back workouts for beginners

2. Skin the cat

When starting out with the exercise you may need to perform leg raises in a tuck position, rather than straight-legged until your core strength builds.

Perform this move on rings low enough so that they touch when hanging skin cat pose or simply raise them high enough for comfort and then lower yourself into it without assistance; follow through by pulling back up again!

How to do the Skin the Cat exercise?

Grip the gym rings and begin in a dead hang position, with hands turned out. Keep both arms and legs straight; point toes toward each other while raising up onto tiptoes until they meet over head into pike inverted hike (keep heels touching). Bring feet back down again without letting them touch ground but keeping out of shoulder blades touched nor overarching.

Is skinning the cat a good exercise?

The full skin the cat back exercise is an awesome way to stretch your shoulders and work out your entire upper body. It's also a great workout if you want flexibility in all directions!

dip exercise

3. Dips

Dips are an upper-body strength exercise that trains the triceps. Narrow, shoulder width dips mainly work out your arms, back, shoulders, and rhomboid muscles  groups. These muscle groups control body posture and structure like pectoralis muscles or anterior deltoids while wider arm positions will place additional emphasis on chest area.

how to do dip exercise?

Step 1: When doing this exercise, make sure to put your hands on the parallel bars and hop up so they are straight. Lean forward at about a 45-degree angle with legs verticalized in order for it be simpler when you bend over laterally while keeping shoulders down throughout all movements of feet along way through entire procedure!

Step 2: With your palms facing down and arms extended out in front of you, slowly lower yourself until they are parallel to the floor. Keep those elbows tight to really work the back, shoulders, and triceps muscles [3]!

Step 3: While in the starting position, straighten your arms to help drive yourself up.

good back workouts

4. Handstand

Handstands are one of the most fundamental positions in yoga and gymnasts [4]. A handstand allows you to be inverted and stable, while balancing on your hands with arms extended out like wings! It's an incredible feeling that can give any person who practices it complete control over their body - sometimes even more so than when they're standing upright.

What are the benefits of a handstand?

Handstands are a fantastic exercise to improve balance, work your core and increase circulation. You’ll engage not only muscles in the arms but also those around shoulders as well!

This movement requires an incredible amount of control which helps with toning all parts from head-to-toe.